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Chris and Russ.

Meet the team

Size doesn't matter, it's experience that counts
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With over 15 years' experience as an IT Consultant working with large and small organisations alike - Russ has developed a broad range of skills across the full spectrum of agile project delivery, from analysis through to solution architecture and build.
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Chris has 10 years of experience in full-stack web and mobile app development. Chris has worked with a diverse range of startups and enterprises from a variety of industries, delivering projects large and small.

Who we've worked for

Retail, eating, playing, banking - we have experience working for companies across all of these industries and more
Logos of companies that we have worked with, including Fulby, Mettle, Dixons Carphone and Nandos
Logos of companies that we have worked with, including Fulby, Mettle, Dixons Carphone and Nandos

Why 72 Days?

In under 3 months you can turn an idea into reality and start learning valuable lessons about your product.

What's in a name?

72 Days may sound like a pretty arbitrary number, but in our experience it represents a realistic timeframe for creating an initial end-to-end product that offers genuine utility to users and provides an invaluable feedback point to measure against the wider product goals and objectives.
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Why choose us?

With hands-on experience building apps for both small-scale start-ups and giant-scale behemoths, we have the all-round knowledge you need to get from idea to app store (Apple and Google Play) and the experience to pick the right technical solutions to get you there.
Why us

IR30 what?

At 72 Days we think the IR35 legislation is a move in the right direction for the IT industry. We are here to provide a bona fide expert service, not an 'employee-as-a-service'. We will use our experience, tools and best practice to create awesome products for you. We prefer to build strong client relationships without middlemen and deliver solutions rather than timesheets.
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Upfront pricing

Fixed scope - we are happy to dive in to the detail of what you need up-front and agree exactly what you will get for a fixed fee. Fixed budget - we can plan within your budget to help refine your idea into a deliverable feature set, including letting you know if the gap between what you want and what you have is too big!
Scales with money on one side, app stores on the other

Keen lean coding machines

An over-used term and an under-practiced methodology - we are keen advocates of the Lean startup principle of validated learning and believe the best way to do that is to get your MVP in the hands of real life users as effectively and efficiently as possible.
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Why not partner?

We are passionate problem solvers first, expert code warriors second and as such are always on the lookout for "those little ideas" that could have a big impact on the wider world. If your idea ticks all the right boxes but your budget doesn't, we are more than happy to discuss alternate commercial approaches.
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What people say about us

Made my app come to life! Russ and Chris guided me through the entire process and took the time to understand the vision to deliver on value. Their knowledge and experience is phenomenal. Thank you
Ed Wydler - Founder @ Fulby

Our Work

We can't always share our previous projects due to confidentiality and commercial sensitivity, but here are some examples of our work that are publically available.
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Better Driving Theory

Better Driving Theory is an app to help students prepare for their UK Driving Theory test.
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Fulby is an app that helps you organise and manage your football group; days, hours or minutes before a match begins.